Friday, October 22, 2010

6 Powerful Tips to Creating Testimonials That Sell Your Products Fast

There are many ways to market a product or a service and providing the potential clients and customers with testimonials is one of the best ways to market.

The power of testimonials can never be underestimated. People, especially nowadays, will only purchase products or avail services which have been referred to them by people whom they know. But most of the times, this is not an option that is in the hands of the business owner, he has to do the next best thing, which is to get testimonials from his past clients.

Testimonials are living statements from past customers or clients which states that they were satisfied by the product/ service. Every business must have testimonials to be able to stand out in the ever crowded markets.

There are many benefits of having testimonials. Here are some of them.

Testimonials appease the target market

Testimonials usually lessen the doubts of the target market. There are a lot of scammers and con artists nowadays, and this has turned the market into a fearsome one. Credible testimonials provide security to the people who are eyeing at a certain product or service. The provision of testimonials gives people a much more relaxed attitude towards a product or service.

Testimonials assure quality

Aside from confirming the existence of a business and lessening doubts, testimonials provide assurance to potential customers and clients of the quality of the product or service. The fact that they took time out to be able to write testimonials about the product reflect their levels of satisfaction towards the product/service.

Testimonials give advantage

Credible testimonials provide a competitive advantage for the product/service. There are many products and services out there and one of the ways to stand out from the rest is the use of credible testimonials.

There are many types of testimonials. Testimonials are usually categorized according to the source. Here are a few examples:

a) Testimonials from satisfied customers

This is probably the most effective type of testimonial. Nothing beats a testimonial from a satisfied customer because it is a picture of what the product/service is all about.

b) Testimonials from experts

Experts can be credible sources of testimonials. If a renowned dermatologist writes a testimonial for a beauty soap, it will surely help in boosting its sales, wouldn't it?

c) Testimonials from celebrities

In a world that is run by mass media, celebrities have become powerful sources of testimonials. Today, even infomercials are infested by testimonials from celebrities.

People may think that getting testimonials from celebrities will cost a lot, but if it's a real testimonial, celebrities may even waive their talent fees.

There is much more to making a testimonial an effective tool for marketing than gathering them. Good testimonials are the ones which can be compressed into a few catchy words. "I lost 20 pounds in two weeks time!" is an example of an eye-catching testimonial. However, one must never rephrase or edit what the client had said. How to get the right kinds of testimonials will be discussed later.

Credible testimonials should also contain the complete attributes of the people who gave them. Their titles, location and age should be included whenever possible.

Visual appeal will also be a great help in using testimonials. If the clients are willing, one must insist in taking photographs or videos for their testimonials.

So how does a business owner get started with the whole testimonial thing?

Here are some steps on how to archive testimonials.

1. Before anything else, only products/ services with outstanding quality deserve testimonials, so one must make sure that his product/service possesses exceptional quality.

2. Ask the help of your customers. One must be able to communicate to his customers his need of getting their testimonials. If they are really satisfied with the product/service, they would be more than willing to participate.

3. Interview your customers. Ask them about what they like about your product/service, why they chose your product and other questions like these.

4. Ask them if they are willing to make a written testimonial. You can offer to make the testimonial yourself based on their responses during the interview but the testimonial is still up for their approval. You might want to make the wordings catchy and let them approve the testimonials.

5. Ask them if you could record the testimonial using a tape recorder or video cam. A video testimonial is better, but of course, many people are camera-shy and this can be a limited option for most.

6. Choose the best testimonials. Use the best ones so as to maximize the benefits that your product can get from the testimonials.

Testimonials are very powerful and this is the reason why every business should have them. They provide assurance and security and reflect the real essence of a product or a service.

Aktiviti Pagi Hari Di Stesyen Bas KB

Prebet sapu sedang cari pelanggan... Melihat mereka pagi tu, aku jadi menyesal kerana meminta keluargaku datang jemput di KB. Apalah salahnya menggunakan khidmat mereka? Antara mengejutkan keluarga dipagi hari dengan menggunakan prebet sapu untuk sampai ke tempat dituju mana lebih mulia?

Aku pernah naik prebet sapu dari KB ke kampungku, harga pakcik tu caj RM20.00 dengan jarak lebih 12km. Itu dah 5 6 tahun lepas la...


Jenuh mencari nama bunga ni.... Pokoknya aku taman sebelum kahwin lagi. Inilah kali pertama aku tengok ia berbunga. Tak pasti la kali ke berapa ia berbunga, coz aku dok KL, pokok bunga ni aku taman kat kampung..

Ini bunga CEMPAKA...yang Allah teruknya aku, selalu sebut nama bunga ni . yalah yang aku tahu cempaka yang kelopaknya pangjang je, warna putih @ oren. Yang ni aku tak pasti cempaka apa...tapi orang putih panggil MAGNOLIA COCO... Oooo ini lah bunga magnolia, aku tahu ais krim magnolia je :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stretching Pagi-Pagi

Hi semua, Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera....

Masa bujang dulu (bunyi macam dah lama je...) selalu buat dok amal stretching lepas bangun tido. Kesannya sangat hebat, seharian tu kita lebih cergas. Kalau tak nak buat stretching , masa solat subuh tu, rukuk dan sujud dengan lama. Anda akan rasa kelainan dalam hari anda. Kepada anda yang tak pernah buat, cuba lah dan rasai sendiri. Buat yang ringkas-ringkas je.... Mula dari kepala turun ke kaki.

Badan kita ni pun macam kereta juga, kena panaskan enjin dulu baru boleh jalan.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bunga Cempaka

Dah beberapa tahun aku tanam pokok bunga cempaka ni. Susah sangat nak berbunga. Kalau ada pun satu dua je... Hayatnya pulak tak panjang. Balik kampung masa raya puasa hari tu, aku bernasib baik, ada sekuntum tengah nak mekar.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Orang KL ni Beraya Sakan...

Sabtu ahad ramai betul yang buat open house. Juadah tentunya beraneka. Kita pulak nak rasa semua, itu sikit, ini sikit, alih-alih sepinggan penuh juga. Masa makan tu sedapnya tak ingat dunia. Tapi belum sempat esok menjengah, perut dah memulas-mulas. Itulah bahana makan macam-macam. Masam, manis, masin, semua tengah 'bergaduh' kat dalam usus tu...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Website Promotion Exposure Through Trade Journals

By Anne Marie Baugh

For instance if you are a web designer begin cultivating relationships through specific industries such as the gourmet food industry, private pilot industry, etc. Every single business has its trade organizations and publications for which they stay on top of their own trends. Break into these arenas and you will find rich resources for building your sales.

Begin by deciding which arenas you can be most effective. For instance if you are a search engine doctor it is certainly possible to work with anyone coming online. However, if you have a certain love of animals, a natural connection will be made through the pet industry. These industries have publications that are read by these types of business owners. Begin targeting these publications for advertising, article submissions, etc. By speaking their language and sharing their passion, you will have an instant connection.

Set yourself up as the expert in the niche industry of your choice. Look for publicity avenues that might be available through those trades. It is often much easier to get recognized in a trade than it is in a mainstream publication. Trades are constantly looking for content that will educate and inspire their business readers. Keep in mind when pitching that you are indeed speaking to business people and not the average consumer off the street. This means that your approach must be more sophisticated and educational. It is vital that you provide content that will make a significant difference in their everyday business ventures.

Create a specialized press kit that targets each niche trade publication and will speak "their" language. Make one-page pitches to the editors with a follow up call in about one week. Be polite and helpful. Offer your expertise and don't be afraid to share trade secrets. It will endear you to the editor and create more opportunities to get you into print. The fact is that some readers will take your trade secrets and actually use them, but the majority will be dazzled by your knowledge and choose to hire you to do the work. Most business owners recognize that they cannot do everything and wise one stick with what they do best and hire experts to do the rest. So become the expert they cannot do without. What do experts have? Knowledge and visibility.

Trade journals are the most overlooked publicity avenue in the business. This creates a dynamic opportunity for you to make a big impact and bring in mega loads of business while increasing your media attention.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hari Terakhir Puasa

Hari ni terakhir puasa. Suamiku suruh juga aku balik kampung. Dia tak nak ada isu dengan keluargaku pasal tak balik beraya ni. Dia awal-awal lagi kata tak dapat balik. Kena urus surau belakang rumah tu. Baru je ambil alih sepenuhnya jun tahun ni. Tu yang sibuk semacam. Sejak dia jadi su surau ni, sibuknya semacam. Malah lebih sibuk dari urus bisnes kami lagi.

Hari ni aku buka puasa kat KFC sorang-sorang. Tapi kat sini ramai la yang datang buka puasa :).

Ini dalam misi nak balik kampung. Lepas asar tadi cik abang hantar ke Hentian Putra. Dia hantar aku awal-awal kerana malam ni dia ada program di kampungnya. Macam jauh je bunyi 'kampung' tu :). Kampungnya di pinggir KL, so aku ni kira dah jadi orang KL la. Ni balik cuti beraya di kampung dan suami ku beraya di kampungnya. Hehehe...

Bas malam ni pkl 9.00 malam. Tapi tak tahu macam mana musim raya ni, lambat atau on time bas ni. Aku ready je awal-awal. Sebenarnya ini kali pertama aku balik raya malam raya. Sebelum ni (masa bujang dulu)aku akan balik 5-7 hari awal. Dah kahwin lain ceritanya. Raya kedua baru bertolak balik kampungku nun jauh di pantai timur. Dan inilah kali pertama sejak kahwin balik sorang-sorang. Ini pun sebab adikku nak bertunang raya kedua ni.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dah lamanya tak menulis. Macam-macam ujian bulan puasa ni. Hingga saat nak balik raya pun masih dalam kemelut masalah. Inilah hidupkan. Ada masa kita diatas, tapi kerap kali dibawah.

Sejak berniaga sediri ni, ujian Allah sangat kuat. Rasa dah tak terdaya. Tapi aku selalu ingat yang semua ujian tu Tuhan beri supaya aku terus menerus bergantung dan berharap padaNya. Kasih sayang Allah itu tak terbatas. Walau dah segunung dosa kita, tapi rezekiNya masih tetap sampai. Kadang-kadang pertolonganNya datang tak kita jangka, dari sudut yang tak disangka-sangka pulak tu.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apa nak jadi ni.....

Sejak dulu aku memang suka tengok gambar cantik2 ni...nak ambik sendiri memang tak pandai....tunjuk orang punya jelah...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Selamat berpuasa kepada pembaca sekalian. Terima kasih kerana sudi menjejak ke sini. Saya akan usahakan post artikel yang best2 kat sini. Selang-seli dengan catatan merepek dari saya.

Ni nak promote bulk sms yg saya guna.

Dah beberapa bulan dah guna bulk sms ni. Setakad ni ia senang digunakan disamping berkesan. Mula-mula guna dulu(bunyi macam dah lama je:)) kekok la jugak coz saya ni tak berapa pandai IT. Tapi selalu je buat-buat pandai...

Setakad ni guna bulk sms untuk promote ayam kampong. Bila orang dah tahu kat rumah kita ada jual ayam kampong, bila ada je stok, sekali sms, esoknya dah habis... Senyum meleret la lepas tu...

Awak cuba la daftar pakai 'bendalah' ni...tak ruginye...kalau jenis yg suka sms wish birthday, set siap-siap... sampai masanya sistem send nak raya ni, org skrg nak cepat...pakai sms je...wish kat FB kena buka cik laptop... sape yg ada blackberry syok la...

jangan segan-segan klik ye....

Syurga Atau Neraka

Setiap hari kita berlawan dengan nafsu sendiri. Iman dan nafsu berebut-rebut untuk bertahta dihati. Kadang-kadang iman berjaya menakluk hati, tapi banyak kali nafsu yang menang.

Tiada daya upaya kita untuk menghalang perebutan ini, hanya dengan bantuan Allah sahaja kita dapat atasi kehendak nafsu. Iman dan amal adalah kuncinya, manakala Ilmu adalah pencetusnya.

Ramai orang yang berilmu tidak beramal. Mungkin ilmu yang didapatinya itu tidak berkat, menjadikannya amat susah untuk mengamalkan ilmu itu. Nak cari berkat sebenarnya mudah, buat je apa yang disuruh, tinggalkan apa yang dilarang Nya. Inilah fungsi, perlu percaya terhadap apa yang dibelajar dan mengamalkannya.

Eh...makin berbelit dah nih... Pendekkan cerita, kita hidup ni kena belajar, lepas tu baru datang percaya (iman). Bila percaya sudah tentu kita akan beramal. Sifirnya mudah, tang amalan tu yang susah. Kenapa jadi begitu ye?

Tak lain tak bukan kerana syaitan itu kreatif. Syaitan pengaruh nafsu, bila iman tak sentiasa dibajai, nafsu akan menang.

Apa yang kreatif sangat syaitan tu? Contoh mudah. Islam tetapkan perempuan muslim wajib menutup aurat. Islam ajar syarat sah menutup aurat. Apa dia syaratnya?
1. Pakaian mestilah menutup seluruh tubuh kecuali muka dan kedua tapak angan.
2. Pakaian mestilah longgar, kata lain tidak ketat.
3. Pakaian hendaklah tebal, tidak jarang.
4. Tidak menyerupai lelaki.
5. Warna pakaian malap. Maksud malap ni, sekali orang pandang, takkan toleh kali keduanya atas faktor bajunya la..
6. Pakaian yang dipakai bukan untuk bermegah-megahan. Kalau masa jadi 'Raja Sehari' lain ceritanya...

Hari ni, ramai orang menutup aurat, tapi langgar syarat kedua atau mana-mana yang di ataslah. Tak payah nak cerita panjang, korang boleh fikir sendiri kan...:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Secret To Creating A Prosperity Mindset

artikel yang aku sangat suka

Do you think earning a higher income is hard? If you do, ask yourself why? Where did you get the idea that wealth was difficult to achieve? Who taught you that? Why do you choose to hang onto this believe? In what way does it serve you today? I know for myself, when I used to believe that wealth and success were beyond my reach that having that belief was strangely comforting. If wealth was out of my reach, then it wasn't my fault that I was stuck in a job I didn't like woefully under-earning and underachieving. The whole situation was beyond my control and that let me off the hook for taking responsibility for my life. Even as I complained about my situation I never had to really stop and look at what had brought me to that point.

Then I discovered the Law of Attraction and all of that flew out the window. I had to face the fact that it was ALL my doing AND my responsibility. After the initial shock wore off I realized that being responsible for myself and my results was actually amazingly freeing and empowering. I got to change all of the stuff I didn't like about my life. I could DO something and BE who I was truly meant to be.

Now, not that many years later, I'm living a life that I truly love and embrace every day and feel an overarching sense of gratitude for every single bit of it. What am I trying to say to you with this story? The secret to creating a prosperity mindset is to simply take responsibility for your life and the results you have already achieved whether you are currently satisfied with them or not. Know that I don't mean that you should blame yourself for these results. If you aren't completely happy with your life know that it is within your power to change it and that although you created it you did the best you could at the time and taking even a single second to berate yourself for any negative results that occurred is counterproductive to your prosperity mindset.

Look inward and open your heart and mind to the possibility that you can earn more and that it can feel effortless. Maybe that hasn't been your experience so far. So what? All it means is that you haven't found the right inspiration, resources and support systems to make it happen for yourself yet. Once you decide that you can earn more and that it can be a joyful journey, you'll attract everything you need to help you achieve your dreams.

Take a few minutes to look around at your life and identify some of the people/actions/things that support your prosperity and some of the people/actions/things that don't. Make a list for each with up to 10 items on each list. Now, go out and have more of what supports your prosperity and weed out what doesn't. Sound simple? It really is simple once you really 'get' on an emotional (versus just an intellectual) level that you really can create the life you dream of living. That can be your life NOW.

Is Your Boyfriend Breaking Up With You? - Warning Signs To Look For

artikel ni 'diculik' dari readbud

Relationships are like roller coasters, full of ups and downs, twists and curves, during one of those rough times, you notice things changed, why? Do you suspect your boyfriend is unhappy and wants to breakup with you? When a boyfriend wants to breakup or at least thinking about it, his behavior changes. The changes in his behavior are noticeable if you know what to look for.

One of the first notable signs a boyfriend wants to breakup is length of time he spends with you. Something else to look for is does he even want to spend time with you at all. Remember when he could not wait to spend time with you. Now it is not that important to him. His feelings have changed and you need to investigate why.

Another sign a boyfriend wants to breakup with you is how he describes your relationship in relation to the future. He describes doing things together and does he want to do things alone. As an example, when we take a trip or is it when I take a trip. Men do this are not aware they act like this. Just try to notice if this happens in your relationship and be aware that your Boyfriend might want to breakup with you.

Noticing changes in your romantic relationship with your boyfriend is an additional sign he may want to breakup with you. Does he want to be alone and intimate a lot or not at all. If the alone time is not as long as long as it used to be, maybe his feelings have changed and you need to discover what they are.

The help you need is the "Magic of Making Up", an excellent e-book by T. Dub Jackson. In the in The magic of making you will find some very simple ways and methods that will show you how to get your boyfriend back. They are plain suggestions and real down to earth methods although some what unconventional to help you to get your boyfriend back in days - not months or years. The get boyfriend back formula is for people having an intense urge to find out ways and means to make up for their loss. They are no way black magic but works like magic to get your boyfriend back.

That's why it is called The magic of making up, an e-book that can make you relish the true sense of love fully renewed and rejuvenated. This magic of making up lays down all the necessary ingredients and simple yet unconventional procedures needed to get your boyfriend back.

4 Steps That Will Teach You How To Get Your Ex Back

artikel ni 'diculik' dari readbud

Did you just go through a nasty break up? Do you keep asking yourself how to get your ex back? Just about every adult has went through some type of break up. Most explore the possibility of just moving on with their life verses doing things to try to get their ex back. However if you get tired of playing the victim role and want to be proactive at getting back your ex, there are some things you can do. Breaking up is part of the relationship game, but it doesn't mean that there isn't a chance to reconcile.

Identify What Went Wrong

In almost all cases there are ways you can get your ex back, but you have to know the proper steps required to do this. First of all, you need to relect on what happened that caused the both of you to split up in the first place. It's impossible to change anything that happened before. But you can educate yourself on your past mistakes so you don't make the same mistakes in the future.

Change Your Behaviors

There could have been just one catastrophic event that caused this break up, or you may have a pattern of behavior that your ex finds repulsive and just can't live with. Whatever the reason is, it's important to reflect on specific instances that might have led up to this, so when they come up again you'll know how to handle them better. In most cases it is possible to get your ex back, however, you need to know what went wrong so you don't keep repeating these same behaviors that led to the breakup.

Don't Come Off Desparate

Another important thing to remember is to not come off as a desparate person. Most people have deep feelings for the ex after a break up, but if you make this obvious it could end up pushing them away even further. The key here is to remain strong, and make it known to your ex that life is great by yourself. Your chances improve ten fold for reuniting with your ex if you let those around you know you're adjusting fine without them.

Show Them You're Strong

If you try to get revenge on your ex or try to make them jealous, you are just digging a deeper hole for yourself. As a matter of fact, these are the worst behaviors you can engage in. This might give them a clear message that they need to move on and not focus on you at all. The key here is to let you're ex know you're doing well, but you don't want to over do it to the point where they don't feel comfortable getting back together with you again. If you let them know how confident and strong you are, they will be attracted by this strength and will want to be with you again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cabaran Berfikir Positif Dan Mensyukuri Nikmat Allah

Hari ni nak menulis secara unformal.

Bila saya melihat sesuatu atau orang memperkatakan berkenaan apa saja, selalunya minda saya akan memberi tindak balas yang negatif. Contohnya tengok orang edar risalah, perkara pertama muncul diminda adalah "tak malu ke orang tu edar risalah ?". Sepatutnya komen positif seperti "Bagusnya pemuda/gadis itu edar risalah. Tak ramai orang yang sanggup buat".

Itulah minda kita, cenderung berfikir negatif. Apa sebab kita selalu fikir negatif? Saya tak pandai pula nak mengulas apa yang saya dah baca.

Apa yang saya nak kongsi disini,seminggu yang lalu saya telah berazam untuk berfikir secara positif selama seminggu. Alhamdulullah ada kesannya walaupun agak sukar untuk melalukannya.

Apa yang saya perasan bila saya berfikir positif, suasana atau situasi hari itu bertukar jadi lebih baik. Contohnya,otak saya tengah serabut pasal hutang, minda saya memberi saranan positif, 'aku bersyukur dapat bayar semua hutang'. Lalu saya mencari solusi untuk membayar hutang. Alhamdulillah Allah ingatkan saya bahawa ada orang masih belum bayar hutang saya. Dengan ilmu kuasa minda yang saya ada dan pertolongan Allah, kawan saya itu membayar hutang saya.

Sungguh manis nikmat Allah.
Minggu ni saya nak cabar minda saya untuk terus berfikir positif dan mensyukuri nikmat yang ada pada diri dan sekeliling saya .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogging And Its Power To Make Money Online

Blogging is one of the most well-known way to make money online. As matter of fact, Blogging can also be one of the easiest ways to start a business online. Creating a blog is as easy as pie, you can write about anything that you want, anything that interests you and actually anything under the sun. Know your interest and start writing them down.

Blogging is an absolutely popular way of gaining desired Targeted Traffic. If you want to have more ideas about blogging, you can check some websites with blogs all over it. If you see a post that interests you, you can add a comment and people who are into your comment will usually ask for your URL. Then make your name become a link that leads to your site. The power of your writing can drag people into your product.

A lot of people may have the same interest as you do and people with similar topics that you have will also track you until they reach your site. Blogging gives you a lot of benefits to make money online. When you are good at advertising and communication, your site will gain popularity, people will start searching for what you have written and will definitely help your page rank.

You'll never run out of topics when you do blogging as long as you have your heart with what you are writing. There are various kinds of blogs such as personal, market blogs, private or corporate blogs. Blogging can take you to a lot of opportunities and because of its power, it can possibly lead you to great success you've ever wanted.

If you just figure out the world of blogging, you set up your own site, build PR and gain traffic to make money online. Traffic actually makes sales. It might not be easy to start things off but just apply the strategies that you have and keep pushing until you get from good to best results. Set your mind to accomplishing your goals and make your dream of making tons of money online turn into reality.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Al-Quran Penawar Jiwa

Hati manusia tidak ubah seperti badan atau jasad. Ia memerlukan nutrien yang membolehkan pertumbuhannya berkembang dengan baik. Ia juga perlu terhadap makanan-makanan tambahan bagi menambah kekuatan dan kecergasan dan kestabilannya. Dalam hal ini iman dan Al-Quran adalah makanan asasi bagi hati. Sekiranya ia diabaikan maka terjadilah penyakit-penyakit hati seperti dengki, ego, kedekut, ujub dan sebagainya. Tidak ada jalan yang lebih berkesan untuk merawat penyakit hati ini melainkan menjaga ibadah wajib dan beristiqomah dengan amalan sunat.